Naj Naay Spa

Cabañas Tulum Hotel

​If you are looking to combine your beach vacation with some relaxing activities, you have found the right place. ​

Cabanas Tulum welcomes you to Naj Naay Spa. Choose one of our many treatments or pamper yourself and your loved ones with one of our packages. Relaxing or rejuvenating, aromatherapy or exfolation, manicures, body wraps or couples treatments. Please email us to choose your preferred day and hour or to book a loved one a special gift! Namaste. ​

Different types of massages available at Cabanas Tulum Hotel


This type of massage helps your body and mind to relax, by gently activating your nervous system, increasing your body circulation with the result of purifying your system and relaxing you deeply.


This intense treatment activates your deep structure muscles by applying more pressure on your deep muscle layers which helps releasing tension and muscle pain at the same time.


A traditional massage performed by the Mayans focusing on the purification of body, mind and spirit while expanding your senses and putting your mind in peace.


Uses crystals to vibrate and to balance our energies.
When we apply the crystals to the body or take the essences that prepare them we are directly affecting our magnetic field, which is our aura and printing it cosmic energies with very high and perfect vibration to be integrating our own energy through the chakras and breathing.
Crystals, like us, are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field. This energy field is what we call aura.


Uses pressure from the fingers and palms to re-balance the body's energy systems. It was developed in Japan but its roots are closely related to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.